Know about the Qualification for Medicare Supplement Plan

Medicare supplement insurance eligibility entails you to be enrolled in Parts A and B of the Traditional Medicare. Individuals opting for Part C Medicare are not considered eligible to own a Medicare Supplement Insurance.


How to get a Quote of Medicare Supplement Insurance

If you can buy a Medicare Supplement plan, you should follow a few steps to ensure you purchase the coverage as the best solution so that specific needs of health insurance are met.


Firstly, determine the Medicare Supplement insurance plans that are suitable or appropriate for you. You can do this by reviewing the comparison chart that highlights the advantages offered in the available plans.


The next is to acquire information about the insurance companies that provide Medicare Supplement coverage in your state and the plans offered by each carrier. All the insurance carriers provide Medigap or Medicare Supplement plans, and they are expected to also provide Plan A Medicare Supplement, but different insurers offer different plan options.

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Finally, the premium quotes must be obtained. It is crucial to note that Medicare Supplement Plans bearing the same letter provides identical benefits, while the premiums differ to a great extent from one to another insurer. Thus, it is good to acquire quotes from more carriers before applying for any coverage.


You can look for websites bringing together top insurance providers quotes to one place. This is because comparing rates become easy and also convenient. Entering a zip code in the quotes box means you get to see top providers list in your area and you can select or choose plan based on the price and coverage. You get a chance to review different plans from different providers and you can also consider a customized plan giving you all that you need.


Process to Apply for Medicare Supplement Coverage is located at

Bottom of Form

The right time to buy a Medicare Supplement plan is in the Open Enrollment period. This period begins on the birthday month first day in which you turn 65 and you also have enrolled in Medicare Part B. However, this lasts for a period of 6 months.  


The best time to enroll is in the “Guaranteed Issue Period,” because:

  • Insurance companies do not deny selling Medigap policy
  • No requirement of health exam
  • Insurance company does not charge more even if you have adverse health conditions.
  • Insurance company cannot charge you higher premium for pre-existing health condition or make you wait to start coverage.


A guide to choose the Medicare Supplemental plan

Medicare supplement plans offer simple and clear information helping to select the right insurance plan. The needs of health are different for each individual and wading through Medicare information and Medicare supplemental insurance may be overwhelming.


Medicare is provided since 1965 to people in the U.S as insurance cover for above 65 years and over. This includes certain qualified individuals receiving the required hospitalization as insurance coverage and also other health care related types of services and products.


The program is categorized into four parts such as:

  • Part A: Hospital Insurance – This covers services that a person receives in a nursing facility, hospital, home care or hospice, types of inpatient centers.
  • Part B: Medical Insurance – This covers doctor’s visits, preventative treatments and outpatient care.
  • Part C: Medicare Advantage – This provides options of private insurance companies to choose from in case you do not want Medicare.
  • Part D :Prescription drug coverage


There are two ways of acquiring Medicare coverage and this can be done by choosing Medicare Parts A and B, referred to as Original Medicare. Typically, an enrollee here may receive care from doctors and also from their chosen medical providers.


The other option of acquiring Medicare is to choose Part C Medicare, or Medicare Advantage. This operates in an identical fashion to a PPO or HMO (Preferred Provider Organization or Health Maintenance Organization) such that generally the enrollees must use the services that are in the network of the plan.


Medicare Eligibility

People eligible for the Medicare coverage include:

  • People age 65 and above.
  • Individuals diagnosed with disabilities types and are under age 65.
  • People who have End-stage renal disease and age are not the constraint here. This is because end-stage renal disease is considered as kidney permanent failure requiring a kidney transplant or a dialysis.


What is Medicare Supplement?  Find out this and more at

Many people are aware of the Original Medicare, while some are not aware of the program that needs enrollees to pay for uncovered expenses such as co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance.  Thus, even though Parts A and B Medicare provide the required coverage for hospitalization and potential health care, this program leaves gaps for enrollees in terms of out-of-pocket costs. The coverage offered by the government is beneficial and affordable as it covers medical expenses to 80%. In fact, it also includes many uncovered charges such as prescriptions, copays, deductibles, and other expenses that add-up really causing financial hardship or making services cost prohibitive.


Here Medicare Supplement plans known as Medigap comes in as coverage. They fill the gaps and save few thousands of dollars every year.

Medicare Supplement Plans must be purchased understand the coverage

Medicare supplement plans are well-known and there is no one plan that is suitable for all situations. Thus, there is a need for shopping around with Medicare experts.


How much insurance of Medicare supplement is required? A common belief is that the Medicare that is the healthcare insurance is government funded and suitable for American citizens in the age 65 and up, but it does not cover the medical costs to 100%. The Medicare supplement plans include additional coverage that covers between Medicare and actual medical expenses. The Medigap is offered by the private companies that typically cover expenses such as co-pays and deductibles.


It is difficult to understand the coverage and it varies as per the market. However, Minnesota, Massachusetts, and Wisconsin have their own policies. Yet, the remaining U.S. 47 states depend on the standard 11 plans accommodating all health types, lifestyle, and the budget demands.  These Medicare plans are based on the needs of coinsurance such as hospice care, hospital stay, travel expectations, and more.


Medigap insurance purchase is best when it is a well-informed decision. It is also good if you consider investigating the industry and addressing some questions. Here are a few helpful tips before you buy Medicare supplement plans.


Insist on transparency of price- This is available at

The open enrollment automatically starts as you are 65 or older and get enrolled in Part B Medicare.


Wise Buyer Tips

Medicare supplement is best to sign up during the 6-month window once you turn 65 and to enroll in Part B Medicare.  The biggest mistake regarding Medicare supplemental insurance is that Americans believe that they have sufficient coverage as they turn 65 if they are working yet or if their insurance is through their spouse. They find out later only that they have skipped the open enrollment period.


Suring the timeframe of the open enrollment period, federal law bans the insurers from charging high premiums or denying coverage if there is a disability or a health condition pre-existing. Signing up after the window time frame means you have to pay more premium and there is possibility that the insurance is denied.


Start planning on turning 65 is the key. Go through the fine prints and ensure there is difference. Only with proper research, situations of being extra charged out-of-pocket may be avoided. Eventually, the coverage options are sure to vary for supplement insurance with the provider and the plan type.


Choose The Best Medicare Advantage Plans for 2018

Medicare Advantage insurance includes 10 standard plans sold by many private insurance companies. They are identified by A to N letters. The standardization means each letter plan has similar benefits, despite the provider insurance company.


The alphabet letters are confusing. It is crucial to know that Plans A to N of the Medical advantage plans are not similar as Medicare Parts A to D.


Tips to Find Best Medicare Advantage Insurance

Finding appropriate Medicare advantage plans entails knowing that you can afford as premiums to pay and the projected healthcare costs. As such there is no answer that is in one-size to fit all. Yet, bear in mind:


  • The plans are standard, while the premiums are not. The insurance companies charge different rates for the same plan. The plan types get expensive with age and it means you save money on shopping around.
  • Choose carefully and it is best to enrol in the open enrolment six-month period. It begins in the first month as you attain 65 years or older and you must get enrolled in Part B Medicare. In case you plan or sign up during this time, you are not turned away. Remember that if you change plans or even delay, the coverage will be underwritten medically. It means you may face higher premiums or you will be altogether turned down owing to health conditions.


Compare Online Rates for 2018 and 2019 for Medicare Advantage Plans by visiting

There is a need to compare rates once you know about Medicare advantage plans. The benefits are similar to the carrier, regardless of the carrier you consider for each letter plan.


The carriers cost is the actual change in each plan that it is essential to shop for rates with top carriers offering Medicare 2018 advantage plans. The shopping rates are overwhelming. If you directly speak or prefer direct communication with an agent, it is best. Remember to contact a licensed agent in your state.


Comparing the online rates ensures you to get to know if you are receiving all the options and the perfect rate. On reaching your spending limit out-of-pocket and Part B Medicare deductible, your Medigap pays Medicare-covered costs to 100% for the calendar year.


Bear in mind the fact that the Medigap benefits are standardized, and the main difference among the plans of similar type is the cost. Thus you can find a Medigap that fits your needs. Speak or email and find plans. You may speak with someone and get more details.

Medicare Advantage plans, Know the details and benefits

A new year has come and is moving on.  This year you or may be your loved one may be eligible newly for Medicare. You may be aware of Medicare or you also are enrolled already in Medicare A & B Parts, but had no knowledge about Medicare Advantage plans.


The advantage insurance plans of Medicare are referred to as Medigap. Most of the times, the beneficiaries of Medicare remain unaware of the pocket costs that are left out to pay after the portion is paid by Medicare. In fact, seniors get stuck with heavy medical bills for which they come unprepared as they come for a simple hospital visit or an unexpected doctor visit.

medicare advantage plans 2019

Protect your finances and acquire the health care coverage by educating yourself and being proactive on your Medicare insurance options. Here are a few Medicare advantage plans for 2018.


Details on Medicare advantage top plans are located at

  • First, remember that the Medicare Advantage plans 2018 referred to as Medigap plans are regulated by the government. Basically, it means, regardless of the provider or carriers you buy from or choose to buy from, the advantages remain the same.
  • The Medigap plan has own regulations in Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts.
  • There are 10 Medigap plans, starting from A letter to N. Plan A has the benefits of core policy as included in the other letter plans.


Here are the benefits of core policy found in other letter plans.

  • If you are hospitalized, the days they cover are restricted by Medicare. While, all letter plans include coverage of hospital stay for 365 days after using the Original Medicare benefits.
  • The out of pocket costs is required for copayments and coinsurance under Part B Medicare, while all letter plans cover all the costs.
  • In case, there is a requirement as medical procedure asking blood, the Part A Medicare permits 3 pints as cover. Having all letter plans will cover for first 3 pints and will pay for the rest.
  • In case, there is a need for hospice care, there is restriction through Medicare Part A as cover, while the all letter plans cover all the out of pocket costs.
  • In case you require additional testing that is not covered under Medicare Part B, you will be responsible for coinsurance 20%. The all letter plans pay for coinsurance.


These benefits of core policy include only half the benefits that are inclusive with other letter plans, ranging from B-N.